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Configure SMTP for sending mail in PrestaShop

Once the PrestaShop installation is done, with a few simple steps you will have your email account integrated and configured. In this manual we explain how to do it. Data required to configure SMTP in PrestaShop The first thing is to have an existing (...)

How to make settings of: PHP, APACHE, MARIADB, POSTFIX, DOVECOT, on my server with SWPanel.

In this manual we are going to teach you how to make PHP, Apache, Nginx, MariaDB, Postfix and Dovecot settings for your cloud with SWPanel. Access to your SWPanel, entering your username and password. Once inside, you will see, by default, your S (...)

Park a Cloud server

What does it mean to park my Cloud? Imagine that for a time you are not going to use your Cloud, nor do you need it to be operational, although you know that in a while you will have to start it again. So a good option to save monthly costs of your C (...)

How does technical support work

Index of contents What types of support are available at SWHosting? Level 1 support 2.1 How to open a supporting wall 2.2 How to use Quick help Administrative Support Help Center 4.1 Access to the manuals database 4.2 Access to video tutorials datab (...)

Talk to support with Quick Help

1. What is the Quick Help Immediate help is a service of Artificial Intelligence or Support Bot that will be able to help you in the same instant about the doubts you have regarding the use of SWPanel, the actions you can perform and its operation. I (...)


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