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Use of your Hosting resources in SWPanel

To view the resources used by your Hosting, first go to the Dashboard of the same. To do this, search for the name from the search bar: Once inside the Dashboard, go to the left side menu and click on "Service usage" --> "Resource (...)

How to remove the default page from a Hosting Plan

Initial page for your new services From SWHosting, with the purpose of giving a personal touch, and that you can have an initial page instead of an empty url, we have implemented a default page for the newly created services. The specific page that y (...)

How to install Prestashop manually on your hosting.

PrestaShop is a free and open source content management system designed to build online e-commerce shops from scratch. Minimum requirements The minimum requirements to install Prestashop are as follows: Web server. For example: Apache 1.3, Apache 2 (...)

How to check the IP of my hosting

For various reasons, you may need to know the IP of your hosting, whether you need it to configure DNS records, application development or for any other management. In the following manual we will show you how you can consult the IP of your hosting f (...)

How to create a service for a subdomain

When creating a hosting service, for various reasons, you may need to associate it to a subdomain of one of your domains. In the following manual we will provide you with the information and the steps to follow on how you can create a hosting service (...)

How to make a zone delegation

When you want to create a subdomain that responds to DNS servers other than those that respond to the main domain is necessary to make a zone delegation in the DNS zone of the Hosting service of the main domain. This zone delegation will cause that w (...)

How to change or delete the template of my Hosting service

In order to change the template of a Hosting service, it is necessary that it already has an active template. If this is not the case, we recommend to see the manual on how to create a Hosting service with a template. Steps to follow to change the te (...)

How to test the performance of your Hosting website in SWPanel

To test your Hosting web service through SWPanel and in an automated way, you must first access the dashboard of your Hosting service. You can do it in an agile way through the SWPanel's top search engine: Once in the dashboard, click on the icon &q (...)

How to install Woocommerce on your Hosting with SWPanel

Con nuestros servicios de Hosting podrás instalar Woocommerce en cuestión de minutos, sin embargo antes deberíamos saber en que consiste woocomerce. ¿Qué es Woocommerce? WooCommerce es un plugin de código abierto para WordPress. Este plugin permite c (...)

How to customize a hosting plan to expand email accounts

To increase the number of email accounts of a hosting plan, first, you must locate from the "Tree of active services" the service where you want to add it, or you can use the general search engine of the SWPanel to find it: Once in the Das (...)

How to convert an EasyWeb SW to Hosting

To convert an EasyWeb SW to a Hosting, you must follow these steps: 1. Login to your customer account and in the top search bar of the SWPanel, look for the name of your EasyWeb SW and access it, by clicking on its name: 2. From the Dashboard of you (...)

How to modify the values of PHP variables in your Shared Hosting

To modify the PHP variables of a Shared Hosting plan, first, you must locate from the "Tree of active services", the service where you want to modify, or you can use the general search engine of the SWPanel to find it: Once in the Dashboar (...)

Move your Hosting to a Cloud with SWPanel

The "Move this Hosting to a Cloud" option allows you to change the location of a Hosting and, apart from that, to split its services in different servers. If you do not have a Cloud, you can hire one by following the instructions in the man (...)

How to create a Hosting plan for a domain registered in your SWPanel

To assign a Hosting plan to your domain registered in SWPanel, go to the tab Domains and SSL -> Domain portfolio that you will find in the left side blue menu: Then find your domain and put your mouse cursor on the menu [...]. 💡 If you have more (...)

Create a CHRoot access to access your service by console

This type of access creates a user with root privileges (with some limitations) via console or SSH. With this CHRoot user you can perform actions such as a manual migration directly on the service or manage the folders and directories of the web by c (...)

How to modify the PHP version of my Hosting service through SWPanel

The steps to modify the PHP version of your Hosting service with SWPanel are as follows: Log in to your SWPanel by entering your username and password. Once you are in the initial SWPanel Dashboard, type in the search engine the name of the hosti (...)

How to stop the web services, FTP or mail in your Hosting

In your SW Hosting hostings you can choose to stop or start the FTP, Mail and Web services independently. This is useful in case you want to do without these services during specific times. To activate or deactivate the FTP/Web/Mail services, you hav (...)

How to change or redefine a Hosting Plan?

The change hosting plan option allows you to change your old hosting plan to one of the current ones. Also, if you have a current one you can upgrade to a higher plan. Important! Please note that when you perform this step PHP versions may change. We (...)

How to create a Hosting within a MultiCloud.

Applicable to: Cloud with the SWPanel Administration Panel, Cloud with Engineering Support. The rest of the administration panels such as Vesta or cPanel, do not have this option. MultiCloud allows you to register services in it in a few minutes, w (...)

Create Hosting Redirect service for redirects

The Hosting Redirect service is ideal for those users who want to make a redirection easily and quickly. From SWPanel you will be able to set up your Hosting Redirect service in a matter of minutes. Go to your SWPanel and click on Create a Service (t (...)

Activate and deactivate the Antivirus service in a Hosting

Procedure Log in to your customer panel: Use the search engine to locate the service / Hosting in which you want to activate the antivirus service, in our case it is called Click on the icon that you will find i (...)

How to redirect my domain to WordPress

Once you have contracted and configured your website under WordPress hosting, you can use your domain to display the website served by WordPress. You can do it with these simple steps that we detail below: Change DNS servers to WordPress servers. To (...)

How to install Prestashop at your Hosting

With our Hosting services, you can install PrestaShop in a few minutes: Install PrestaShop from SWPanel Log in to your SWPanel with your username and password and go to the Dashboard of your Hosting service: 💡 Use the search engine at the top to (...)

How to get free Smart Hosting Free v.2 service from SW Hosting

Aspiring to be the best Hosting and Cloud provider requires products designed for everyone. In the same way that we have powerful infrastructure for advanced projects, we also make available to all our customers the so-called Smart Hosting Free v.2, (...)

Create a Hosting service

Host your website quickly and easily. The performance of our Hosting, the intuitive control panel and the 24x7 Support, will provide you with an excellent service in which to trust your projects. We provide unlimited traffic, accounts and mailing lis (...)

View PHP info about my Hosting

An info.php or phpinfo file is a PHP function or code snippet that shows you information about your site's PHP configuration, as well as enabled modules and variable values. You can generate an info.php report from your SWPanel without uploading any (...)

How to install Moodle on my Hosting

To install Moodle on your Hosting, you must first access the dashboard of your service: cta:cloud_app_moodle Once in the service dashboard, from the CMS management you must activate the button to install Moodle: Finally, you must accept the creat (...)

How to change the assigned servers of a Hosting

Index of contents What is the purpose of changing the servers assigned to a Hosting 1.2 Exceptions when modifying the servers assigned to a service Changing the servers assigned to a Hosting service 2.1 Access the service dashboard 2.2 Access th (...)


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