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Housing management from SWPanel

In this manual you will learn how to manage the users and accesses to your housing. Users with access to Housing First, we are going to create a Housing user. To do this, go to "Help Center"> "Authorized Personnel": This secti (...)

How to adjust the basic parameters of my hosting in a Cloud.

The steps to follow to adjust the basic parameters of a Hosting service that belongs to a Cloud are as follows: 1- Type in the SWPanel search engine the name of the service in which you want to modify the basic parameters and click on it. 2- In the (...)

How to Activate Advanced Monitoring on my Cloud server with SWPanel and view its Dashboard.

Applicable to: Cloud with SWPanel Administration Panel. While Basic Monitoring performs Pings against your Cloud, Advanced Monitoring goes further, monitoring the following services: Ping FTP service DNS service WEB service HTTP monitoring HTTPS m (...)

How to rename a service

SWPanel offers you the possibility to rename your Cloud servers and service containers or create aliases of them to identify them more easily. To rename a service, you must first locate it through the services search of your SWPanel: Once you are in (...)

How to create and manage Snapshots of your Web site

A web snapshot is a snapshot of the content of your web page on a specific day and time. At SW Hosting you can create snapshots of all your websites, through your SWPanel service management tool. The steps to create a snapshot are: 1. From the search (...)

Migration of services in SW Hosting

A migration consists of moving the database, FTP and mail content from your current server to another server, either from the same provider or from another one. Prerequisites To avoid possible compatibility problems you must take into account differe (...)


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