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How to install Prestashop at your Hosting

With our Hosting services, you can install PrestaShop in a few minutes:

Install PrestaShop from SWPanel

  1. Log in to your SWPanel with your username and password and go to the Dashboard of your Hosting service:

enter image description here

💡 Use the search engine at the top to quickly locate your service.

  1. In the CMS Management section, activate the PrestaShop option:

enter image description here

You can only have one CMS application active simultaneously.

  1. Click Activate PrestaShop now

enter image description here

PrestaShop will be installed in a few minutes.

PrestaShop initial setup

The next step is to perform the initial configuration of PrestaShop, let's get started:

  1. In your web browser enter the address of your web page:

    • For example:
  2. The PrestaShop configuration screen will appear in which we will start by selecting the language:

  3. Review the terms and conditions of the license agreement and, if you agree, check the checkbox as you accept and click Next:

  4. Press Update and Next:

  5. Enter the details of your new online store. Once entered, click Next:

  6. In this step the database configuration is populated. To verify that it is correct, press Check the connection to your database!:

    • The following message should appear:

      The database is connected

  7. Press the Next button to continue, you will see the components of your new PrestaShop store begin to install:

  8. Finally, to increase the security of your PrestaShop installation, access the web folder of your web service using FTP or SSH and:

    • Delete install folder.
    • Change the name of the admin folder to one of your choice.
    • If, for example, you rename it to admin123, you should access the PrestaShop administration panel using the following address:

💡 If you do not know how to access your web service through FTP, see the section "Access the FTP server" in our manual ""How to create an FTP account""