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Change of contact for a .es domain

As we mentioned in the manual Change domain contact, modifying the holder / owner of a .ES domain is a little different from the other domains, since it cannot be changed from SWPanel because it requires a special procedure with In the following manual we will explain step by step how to modify the owner of a .es domain.

We will access ESNIC to change the domain contact. We will need the user (the user format is AAAA0-ESNIC-F0), the password and the verification code that we will receive by e-mail to the mailbox associated to the account.

enter image description here

If you have not registered before in, you must click on "" y dar de alta vuestro dominio.

In the side menu we will click on "Domain Transfer Request ". We will fill in the domain data and also the data of the new Registrant and PCA by means of its identifier.

If the new owner does not have a Nic-Handle, you must create a Nic-Handle for the new contact.

enter image description here

Next, we will have to, either by means of a DNI/Electronic Certificate or by means of a photocopy of the DNI (it must be of type image that must not exceed 600px of width), to finalize with the processing of the request.

enter image description here will ask the current owner or the administrative contact for acceptance by sending an email to both contacts.

enter image description here

When accepting the transmission, we will be redirected to the ESNIC web page to continue with the process. We will be asked again if we want to accept the transmission:

enter image description here The next screen is the one to pay attention to. We will have to specify the different PCA, PCT, PCF contacts that we want to assign to the domain.

We must also pay attention to the part of "Registrar Agent ". If we do not specify SERVEISWEB the domain will be registered by ESNIC and will disappear from your SWPanel.

Finally, we will be able to specify which Nameservers we want to configure once the transfer is done:

enter image description hereenter image description here

We will accept again by means of a DNI/Electronic Certificate or by means of a photocopy of the DNI (it must be of type image that must not exceed 600px wide).

enter image description here

Finally, and if everything has gone well, you will see the following window where it is indicated that the change of ownership request will be carried out, which ESNIC will review and if everything is correct it will be accepted.

enter image description here

The acceptance period can take up to 10 days to be completed. If not accepted within 10 days, the application will be automatically cancelled.