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Change of domains contact

Administrative Contact and Technical Contact

Any change regarding the Administrative Contact and the Technical Contact of a domain, whatever its extension, must be carried out through the SW Panel:

Access to: and click on the tab "Domains and Certificates", located on the left side menu in blue -> Domain portfolio

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The first thing to do before changing a contact is to create one again, with the data that we want to appear in the whois of the domain. To create it, we will click on the "Contacts" and later tab in "Create contact"

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You must fill out the contact creation form and click on "Save contact"

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Once created, we will proceed to modify the current contact. We will select the tab "Domains". Display the "Manage" tab on the right of the domain to modify the contact. If you wish, for example, to change the administrative contact, you must click on "Administrative Contact Data"

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The current data for your domain will appear. We will click on Change contact

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Here all the contacts you have created in your SW Panel will appear. Select the desired contact and click on "Assign" enter image description here

The change may take a few minutes. You will notice that to the left of the modified domain the "updating" icon appears until the change has been propagated.

We will repeat the same steps if the contact we want to modify is the Technical Contact of the domain.

DOMAINS .ES The .es extensions necessarily require that the administrative and technical contact of the domain be a natural person

Owner / Owner


On December 1, 2016, a new ICANN policy came into force, the highest domain authority, which directly affects the process of changing the ownership of generic domains.

As the entity in charge of managing Internet extensions at a global level, ICANN has established new standards and mandatory procedures for holders of generic domains (.com, .net, .org, info...) and new domains or ngTLDs (. eus, .blog, .futbol, etc.), but that do not affect territorial extensions, such as .es.

In summary, the new regulation implies:

  • An express acceptance by the owners, the current and the new owner of the domain, of the change of owner.

  • The blocking of the domain for transfer for 60 days after the change of owner.

There will be a change of ownership whenever any of the data of the owner is modified and an attempt is made to assign a new contact.

Each time the contact owner changes, the current owner and new must accept them. It must be an explicit acceptance by both parts or the change will not be made. The way to communicate and accept or reject these changes is through the emails that are sent to the email addresses of the owners (the current and the new). Therefore, it is essential to provide a valid owner's email address in use when registering a domain. Otherwise, any modification in these fields will imply an additional and manual validation of the owners or the change will not be made.

When both owners accept or reject the change, the result will be communicated.

The ownership change process expires in 3 days. If after that time the owners have not answered, the change of owner will not be made.

The procedure for a change of owner is made in the same way as a change of Administrative and Technical Contact.

What happens if I do not have access to the previous owner's email?

Below we detail the steps you must follow to request the change of ownership of a domain:

  1. Download the following document:




  2. Complete the form and send it with the requested documentation (document that proves the current ownership of the domain as indicated in the document, either DNI, company certificate, etc.) to the following email address:

  3. Access your SW Panel and create a new contact. It will be the contact that we will assign to your domain

  4. Open a Support Wall and indicate the domain whose owner you want to modify, the contact code that we must assign and confirm the sending of the required documentation (point 2)

  5. When the Support Department receives the document, it will be validated and the change will be processed manually. The change will be confirmed via support wall

For .COM, .NET and .CAT domains you can use the form in the language you want. For other types of extensions (.ORG, .INFO, etc) you should use the form in English version (ENGLISH VERSION)


Modifying the owner of a .ES domain is a little different than the other domains, since it can not be changed from your SW Panel: it requires a special procedure with You can carry out this process yourself or we can manage it ourselves

  • NIC .es If you wish to process it yourself, you must access the page of

  • We manage it for you First you must create a new contact, as we have shown you before. Then open a Support Wall to communicate the change of ownership, indicating the domain to be modified and the contact code you want to assign. You will find this code by accessing your SW Panel -> Domains and Certificates -> Domain Portfolio -> Tab "Contacts"

This action entails an additional cost of € 22.5 + VAT, corresponding to 15 minutes of technical work for each domain requested