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Restore a backup copy in my Hosting

Yes! We offer backup services in all Hosting modes, even in the free mode. In addition, it is activated by default, so we can recover any file from the last 15 days.

**Do you need to recover a backup in your Hosting service?

Request it by opening a support wall:

Log in to your SWPanel, access the Support menu (top right zone) > Talk with support (Free wall):

enter image description here

On the next screen write a support wall clearly specifying that you want to request a recovery of a hosting service. You will have to indicate the hosting service on which you want to restore and the type of recovery you want (web, database and/or mail).

For example:

Good morning,

I want to request a recovery of my hosting service, I need you to recover the website and the database with a copy made 7 days ago.

Thank you very much.

enter image description here

From the customer service they will answer you if it is possible to perform the restoration, they will indicate the cost of the restoration (17,50€+VAT) and they will confirm the service on which it will be performed so that there are no doubts.

At that moment you have to answer the wall indicating that you accept the cost of the restoration to start the process. Once the costs have been accepted, the restoration will be carried out and an invoice will be generated for the service.

And that's it, in a short period of time you will have your page restored as if nothing had happened to it and without having to take any further action.